Sunday, May 14, 2006


I feel like I'm reaching the conclusion of the first phase of my L.A. adventure. My voice-over class will be done next week, my second Groundlings class will also conclude, the tutoring with Edward will also wrap up soon and I'm feeling the need to secure gainful employment now more than ever. In a way I think this is good because I've settled into a sort of routine here, which is nice, but I also want to keep trying different things and meeting new people. The job search continues in earnest and I've got a very promising lead with World of Wonder (the prod. co. that did Inside Deep Throat) once again. I've also landed my first job as a graphic designer out here, making $400 for a postcard and flyer (this, on top of another $700 for dogsitting, camera work, and catering, has made this my most profitable month thus far). The weather is changing for good, gone are the chilly nights and cloudy mornings. It is sunny L.A. now, just as promised.

Last week I went to a couple of cocktail parties, including one at Clay's, the guy who hired me to film the concert. At the party I ran into the band and they said the footage looked great and that they watched it all the the way to Fresno. That was a relief, and hopefully will open the door to future camera work. I'm supposed to have a beer with Clay this week to talk about it. Lisa had a gradution party in the garden at her apartment this weekend, and we had fun playing bongos and guitar into the wee hours of the morning. I like Laurel Canyon (where Lisa lives) - it still has that hippie/60s vibe to it, which I find endearing more often than annoying. I met a guy at the party named Ben and he took me to see a 25-foot totem pole he carved in Bali, then paid $15,000 to ship back to Laurel Canyon. It features the visages of Jim Morrison, John Lennon, Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix, is carved out of mahogany, and has a poem to go along with it, which I would recite if I could remember it. It has something to do with riding the snake (of course). Driving home I say two coyotes, neither of whom seemed concerned about me. Last week one of them ate Lisa's cat.

I'm sorry for the voice-over class to winding down, because in addition to liking everyone in the class I'm having a lot of fun with it. So far my favorite thing has been animation. I think I mentioned doing a voice for a stoner-hick named Dave who wears hemp pants and loves poetry, and last week I voiced Lord Spite, who was described as a "very evil and insecure Paul Lynde." Doesn't that describe the actual Paul Lynde? I took this cue and went on the web and found a bunch of video clips of Paul Lynde on Hollywood Squares and The Donny and Marie Show, and using these I did my best impression of him for Lord Spite. If I could get paid for what I do anyway, which is make up voices to speak in (this happens less without the cats around) that would kick ass. After this class I'm going to put together a demo and as soon as I can afford it I'll probably take another V.O. class. Listen for me on an America Online commercial within two years.

I've promised to turn in a short story to the writing group, which will be the first story I've written in like five years. Hard to get the voice back, so I'm planning on this one being sort of a throat clearer, but the writing I've been doing lately for Charlie's group has been story-oriented, and I realize how much I miss working in this way. I'd be happy to share it when it's done if anyone is interested.

Sunny and about 80 degrees today so I'm off to hike Mt. Hollywood. Happy mother's day to all mothers out there, past future and present.


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